Why Exhaust
  Highest Profit Potential

It's an automotive fact, nothing makes as much money as exhaust work. As a King Cobra Dealer, you can realize an 80-85% profit margin on these jobs. That translates to a minimum of $125- $150 CLEAR PROFIT on a standard exhaust job and $300- $500 on a custom exhaust job.

  It's a "Want" Item versus a "Need" Item

Today, more and more customers are coming in because they want to put a custom exhaust system on their vehicle. They want it to look and sound unique. And they're prepared to pay for it .....often in CASH!

  Low Lift Time

The average standard exhaust replacement will take you 30-40 minutes, and the average custom exhaust job will take 1 hour.

   Relatively Unskilled Labor

Labor costs are kept down because you don't need highly paid technicians

  Rare Comebacks

Because we only provide the highest quality products and thorough professional training, comebacks are at a minimum. The return on products is at a low of 3% for King Cobra Dealers enabling them to offer a full system lifetime guarantee.

  Government Regulations

It’s the law. EPA regulations mandate vehicles pass inspection.

  It's the Easiest Way to Diversify

If you're looking for an extra source of income, exhaust work is the best answer. Since it is not time consuming and requires no highly trained technicians, it can be integrated with your other services.

  Great Opportunity to Sell Other Services

While your customers car is up on the lift you can sell them other services such as suspension or brake work.

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